Artifacts - Inlay Artifacts Manufacturer In India


Can you make customized items as per our requirements.

Yes, we can make customized items as per your requirements. Please contact us with your requirements.

Pricing I want to place an order for some items that are not in stock. Can I place an order.

Yes you can place an order for items that are not in stock. The delivery in such cases may take some time.

How much time do you take to supply the goods.

The time taken for delivery depend upon several factors such as the quantity of goods ordered, our other pending orders and the availability of stock. You may contact us to know the expected delivery date.

Are the goods insured by you during transist.

Yes, All goods are insured by us. Insurance is optional. If you wish to get your consignment insured, kindly contact us. Insurance charges in such cases, will be levied separately and are to be borne by the buyer.

What are your terms for International Shipping.

The terms of shipping for all bulk export consignments are Extra Works. The buyer should bear all costs involved in taking the goods from our premises to the desired destination. Proper bills and export related regulatory documents will be provided by us to the buyer or to the shipping agent who is nominated by the buyer.

How do you ship the goods.

Consignments are shipped either through Air or Ocean Freight, as per the buyers choice.