Metal & Silver Project

Kalagya Arts & Crafts

Metal & Silver Manufacturer

Kalagya is one of the foremost and leading manufacturers of Silver and metal cladding artifacts and Indian handicrafts. Using the age-old and traditional handmade technique of metal crafting and silver work. The process of metal cladding or covering includes covering a wooden statue or artifact with sheets of pure metal and hammering them into perfect shape, followed by polishing. This gives the artifact an intricate look. With a team of highly skilled and experienced artisans and craftsman, we, at Kalagya offers a greater range of beautiful silver metalwork and make handicrafts that are of great detailing and value. Besides this, the facility to get customized artwork as per the customer requirement is one of the leading reasons customers prefer Kalagya for the Silver and Metal artifacts in copper, brass, bronze, etc.


Process we follow to manufacture Silver and Metal handicrafts:

Step 1: Annealing (Softening)
Our craftsmen start the process by softening the hard metal before going towards the fabrication task of the metal. Softening the metal is most important because it must be annealed/soft throughout the metalsmith process.

Step 2 – Cutting, drilling, and sawing
Our artisans use instruments like fine saws, tin snips, other cutting pliers, drilling attachments on flex shafts, disc cutters, metal punches, etc. for shaping the metal.

Step 3 – Filing and sanding
We keep a check that the edges should be cleaned up with metal filers and/or sanded with steel wool. It reduces the sharpness of the edges that are dangerous if directly touched.

Step 4 – Forming the art
Further, we work on shaping a flat metal sheet into a three-dimensional model for wooden or metal molds.

Step 5 – Joining the edges
Our metalsmith monitors that all the joints are connected via soldering and fusing or cold connections such as riveting, or weaving, with screws or tabs for a stronghold.

Step 6 – Bringing it to reality / Forming up the art

Completion of the project from a final touch-up of the art with steps like sanding, polishing, and buffing to create smoothness on the figure.