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Kalagya keeps the excellence of the handmade paintings made from naturally sourced paintings which are excellent and elegant. Completely made using natural stone colors and other nature-friendly sources, our highly skilled painters use the best in class materials like fine brushes to yield world-class results from one of the best painting schools in Rajasthan as well as India, i.e. Mewar School of Painting. With expert-level precision in miniature painting, the designs use royal scenes, portraits, nature scenes, hunting expeditions, animals, motifs, and shapes. Besides this, the usage of gold and silver leaf for decorating the paintings not only adds to its beauty but also increases its artistic value over the period.

Besides this, Kalagya has also a great range of sculptures in marble and other stones that add to the artistic aura of any environment. Ranging from the famed and famous white marble elephants to abstract art pieces and designs, the exotic and beautiful marble artifacts are one of the best choices for Indian handicrafts, offered by Kalagya.

Process we follow to manufacture handmade painting handicrafts:

Step 1: Selection of the material: At Kalagya, we look for the best quality material when it comes to the creation of intrinsic handmade, natural-colored paintings. A range of quality base materials like cotton, canvas, silk, and even paper is used by our highly skilled and experienced painters. This not only yields us the best results but also improves the artistic value of the painting as a whole.

Step 2: Free hand sketching of the design: Once the painting material and base have been finalized by our highly skilled painters, the designers, with a free hand, draw the design or the subject that is meant to be painted. We, at Kalagya, follow the reputed Udaipur School of Drawing known for its highly detailed miniature painting. The subjects of our paintings include Royal court, Hunting scenes, love scenes, feminine characters, motifs, animals, daily life, wedding processions, nature, etc.

Step 3: Filling the natural colors: The painters at Kalagya will look into the most important part of creating the handmade detailed miniature paintings, filling up the colors. We use naturally sourced, environment-friendly stone colors that not only give the painting a vintage and rich look but are also safe for nature. Fine brushes and hours of manpower are applied to create one handmade painting for our customers. And the best part is that our customers can get it customized as per their needs.

Step 4: Application of the Natural Gold and Silver Leaf: Original and best quality gold and silver leafing work is added to the paintings that not only add to their gracefulness but also increases the age of the painting, giving it a timeless sheen. The leafing work requires extremely careful and high-precision expertise and our painters and leaf workers at Kalagya, belonging to the famed family of generational painters like Sharma and Chatar, get this done the most beautifully, maintaining the heritage value and quality of these paintings.

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