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Kalagya Arts & Crafts, the renowned Indian Handicraft Manufacturer, trader and exporter, brings you one of the most beautiful and impeccably designed wooden sofa sets and furniture sets. The praised handicrafts manufacturer has been a prime exporter of various stone inlay artifacts, marble handicrafts, wooden showpieces, Metal Handicrafts, etc. Served by a team of best artisans, Kalagya arts & crafts flaunts a well-established list of hand-carved wooden sofa set at an affordable price.

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Metal Handicrafts Manufacturer

Here is the process our craftsmen follow to craft spectacular and durable wooden sets for you:


    • Wood Selection A particular quality wood is selected according to the custom choices or the quality of the product.
    • Working on Various Wood (Teak, Pine & seasonal etc.) that are delivered are worked upon in a suitable temperature and non-humid environment to prevent swelling of the wood. This includes cutting and water-proof wood glue operations. The optimum working temperatures are between 50-85°F (10-29°C).
    • Dimensioning From selecting the most optimum wood quality to finely crafting it to the correct dimensions, our artisans excel at the art of making perfect product for your comfort.
    • Designing Bestowed with some of the most talented designers, every piece of art we craft is addressed with an idiosyncratic design that is bound to catch eyes of each of your guests.
    • Carving The eye-catching charm each of our hand-carved wooden products feature is a result of our team of adroit craftsmen, who dedicatedly employ the knowledge of their skilled hands to carve the finest product for you.
    • Final Sanding: Hand sander is used to do the final sanding operations over the prepared product before it is considered for quality check and the polishing process.
    • Polishing and Varnish We believe in utter perfection at our profession and the wooden product sets we manufacture are given a well-polished feel and comfort. With this, the varnishing task is also done with great perfection to enhance the appeal of our hand-carved wooden product.

Our company is employed with some exceptionally talented and dedicated artisans, designers and craftsmen, who are masters at the art of crafting adorable showpieces and furniture for your home. We take pride in our range of wooden products and offer a wide range of silver coated wooden products for your home. Our process of making impeccably beautiful silver painted wooden sofa sets include-


  • Crafting and Polishing the Final Piece of product From wood selection, dimension, designing, hand-carving, sanding, quality check, to final polishing the final wooden product is done by our talented and self-composed team of craftsmen.
  • Silver Coating After the final polishing work, the wooden product set is taken for the silver coating process in which the silver coat is prepared and is used meticulously by our dedicated painters to envelop the piece of furniture in an appealing silver charm that gives a perceptible royal charm to it.

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