Wooden handicrafts Manufacturer

Kalagya Arts & Crafts

Wooden Handicrafts Manufacturer

Kalagya is a leading and most prominent Indian Handicrafts manufacture and exporter. Dealing in a great range of material and designs, the team at Kalagya is a one of the foremost creator of Indian artifacts. The wooden artifacts and Indian handicrafts manufactured by Kalagya are of export quality, making them a preferable choice for local as well as foreign clients. Besides statue and other sort of Indian artifacts, Kalagya is also known to manufacture beautiful and designer, wooden carved furniture for home décor, available at a very affordable price.

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Metal & Silver Project

Kalagya Arts & Crafts

Metal & Silver Manufacturer

Kalagya is a one of the foremost and leading manufacturer of the Silver and metalcladding artifacts and Indian handicrafts. Using the age old and traditional handmade technique of metal crafting and silver work. The process of metal cladding or covering includes the covering of a wooden statue or artifact with the sheets of pure metal and hammered them in perfect shape, followed by polishing. This gives the artifact an intricate look. With the team of highly skilled and experienced artisans and craftsman, we, at Kalagya offers a greater range of beautiful silver metal work and make the handicrafts that are of great detailing and value. Besides this, the facility to get the customized art work as per the customer requirement is one of the leading reason customers prefer Kalagya for the Silver and Metal artifacts in copper, brass, bronze etc.


Handmade Paintings Projects

Kalagya Arts & Crafts

Natural colored Paintings Manufacturer

Kalagya, keeping the excellence of the handmade paintings made from the naturally sourced paintings which are excellent and elegant. Completely made using the natural stone colors and other nature friendly sources, our highly skilled painters uses the best in class materials like fine brushes to yield the world class results from one of the best painting schools of Rajathan as well as India, i.e. Mewar school of Painting. With the expert level precision in miniature painting, the designs uses the royal scenes, portraits, nature scenes, hunting expeditions, animals, motifs, and shapes. Besides this, the usage of gold and silver leaf for decorating the paintings not only adds to its beauty, but also increases its artistic value over the period of time.

Besides this, Kalagya has also a great range of sculptures in marble and other stones that adds to the artistic aura of any environment. Ranging from the famed and famous white marble elephants to abstract art pieces and designs, the exotic and beautiful marble artifacts are one of the best choice for Indian handicrafts, offered by Kalagya.

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